International Partnership

  • Established 2003/1987
  • Private owned by the management team
  • Turnover 7 M€ 2008
  • Staff: 30 persons
  • Longest experience from AGV business World-Wide
  • AAA-Highest Credit Worthiness
  • Exclusive partnership with Softdesign – MAX AGV System
  • Prefered supplier by Danaher Motion – NDC8 – AGV System
  • Membership in VIG-Group

Concluded the partnership with Middlesex Co. on August, 2012

Middlesex, the specialized company of semiconductor and clean logistics system, provides the optimal solution capable of responding to any concept required by the customers with the combination of conveyor, rotary, elevator, shuttle and lifter.

I/O Control Ports
  • Digital inputs (24V·PNP / NPN) up to 64
  • Digital outputs (24V·PNP / NPN) up to 32
  • Analog inputs (16bit, 0~10V) 8 channels
  • Motor control ports 3 servo motors
  • Serial ports 2x RS232, 2x RS485
  • Ethernet ports 4
Program Sequencing Libraries
  • Single output, single input, optional delay
  • Multiple output, multiple input with logic, optional delay
  • Short logic : if/then, if not, and, or, nand, less eq, ...
  • Single cylinder cycle with confirm
  • Multi cylinder cycles combinations
  • Complete pick &place cycles with confirmations on each axis
  • Robot cycle selection and control
  • Third party instrument read cycles
  • Third party equipment control cycles
  • Platform conveyor size
  • Buffer conveyor
  • Conveyor speed : 0.5m/sec
  • Conveyor particulation available in
    increments to class 1

  • Vibrations : 0.5g rms
  • Reliablity 6000 hrs mean time to fail
  • 500x100x130/250mm (LxHxW)
  • 500-2000x100x130/250mm (LxHxW)
  • Pallet moves, asynchronous, collision free
  • Pallet lift free flating in conveyor,
    reference attachments to user robotics
    half cycle time 2 sec
  • Pallet position repeatablity 0.1mm
  • Available Pallet size : 120mm or 240mm
  • USA-MiddlESEX-2
  • USA-MiddlESEX-3